Do You Think That Your Accountant Needs to Live In Your Area? This Important Question Broken Down & Discussed by Our Small Business Accountant in Charlotte, NC


In a technology driven universe, almost everything can be done online. Are you aware that this also applies to financial and accounting services? Bet you didn’t know that your CPA does not need to live near you! It mostly depends on your personal comfort when dealing with your financial situation. Hiring an accountant will take stress off of you in terms of your personal and small business financial information and having someone on board that you know you can trust, are comfortable working with, and who clearly knows their stuff can make all the difference. So, why should you consider and feel comfortable with an out of state accountant? Read on.

Major Market Rates

If you live in a major city such as LA or NYC then the rates of accountants are most likely much higher than those of smaller, but still wonderful cities such as Charlotte, NC. Why is this? The cost of living is much lower outside of the big cities and thus the rates can be lower for the accountants to still be able to live off of the income. The NYC average cost of living is 68.8% higher than the national average! Who wants to pay 68.8% more for services that you can obtain elsewhere for a fraction of the cost? Why not choose the best accountant in Charlotte, North Carolina?


Most states & jurisdictions have similar, if not identical, requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant. Having a bachelor’s degree is required in all states and territories and so is obtaining 150 credit hours primarily focused on accounting, business, and general education. Experience requirements in 75% of states and territories include 1 year of work experience in a public accounting firm, government, private industry or an educational institution. In the remaining 25% of states & territories the requirement is 2 years. In addition, the majority of states require passing of the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam which puts most accountants on par with their peers.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting software has made working with a nonlocal accountant easier than ever before for business owners. Now it is possible to work on the same financial data in different states and even different countries all from the comfort of your own individual homes or offices. QuickBooks Online is a go-to software application for the best Charlotte small business accountant. Through QBO, all clients and Eliseo CPA, PLLC staff can access the same financial data including accounts receivable and accounts payable anytime and anywhere. Without the need to snail mail (or even e-mail) important documents and information, you can guarantee that your data is securely being delivered to the necessary parties through protected software applications.


For some, the choice simply comes down to comfort. You must consider your comfortability with not meeting face to face with your chosen accountant. Virtual communication has become second nature for many so this transition should be a breeze. With the ability to talk to someone anytime from anywhere, the possibilities are endless! Phone calls, video chats, e-mail and texts make the experience ultimately personalized and there is always possibility that you or your accountant will eventually physically be in the same place at the same time and can arrange for an in-person meeting.

Hiring an out-of-state accountant could make the most sense for the finances of businesses and individuals alike. If you have the potential to work with the best accountant in Charlotte, NC but don’t live nearby, then why pass up this opportunity! Hiring nonlocal can still be a great experience as long as you’re choosing the correct individual to work with. Contact Eliseo CPA, PLLC from anywhere soon to set up an initial consultation and see how we can make your business soar!