The CPA of Charlotte, NC


Eliseo CPA, PLLC, the Charlotte accountant for personal and small business that provides a full range of personal and business services that include accounting, payroll, consulting & advising, controller & CFO support, tax preparation & resolution, financial planning & strategy, and bookkeeping

At Eliseo CPA, PLLC, we believe that an empowered and educated client is the best client. We work to not only prepare tax returns and to maximize tax savings, but also to ensure that you understand your overall financial goals and standing. Whether working with an individual or a business, our guiding principles are the same: to provide quality service while educating our clients. We treat businesses and individuals with the same respect; we do not cater to one more than the other. These principles and our years of experience have helped us to be the top Charlotte CPA firm!


Individual and Personal Accounting Services

For years, Eliseo CPA, PLLC has been providing services as one of the leading accounting firms in Charlotte, NC. We are a leading CPA firm because we are dedicated to working hard for our clients and looking out for them.  Whether you are a current client or looking for an accountant, we pride ourselves on giving the proper financial and tax advice, while efficiently and effectively performing tax returns. Our client base has grown through the years and this is a large testament to not only how we work, but how we treat others. At Eliseo CPA, PLLC we will always treat you professionally and with respect. We know that you have a number of options when looking for an accountant in Charlotte. That you are thinking of choosing us or have already chosen us means we must work even harder to maintain you as a client.


Small Business Accounting Services

When looking for a small business CPA in Charlotte, NC you need more than just tax return preparation. Eliseo CPA, PLLC is a strategic advisor and strategist to the leading businesses of Charlotte, NC. At Eliseo CPA, PLLC we understand the business owner, because we operate a small business as well. We work hard on your behalf, to give you timely and correct information so that you can make educated decisions for your business. At Eliseo CPA, PLLC we work to help you learn and understand the financial side of your business. If you have questions throughout the year regarding tax planning, retirement and savings strategies, book keeping, and financial strategy you can always ask us. Eliseo CPA, PLLC is a full service accounting firm in the Charlotte area.


How We Partner Together

When someone is introduced to our firm or shows an interest, we find it best to schedule a no obligation consultation phone call.  This allows us to gather important information about where you are and where you would like to go. Do you need a simple tax return filed? Are you in the midst of a tax issue? Would you like to grow your business? Are you ready to bring in a bookkeeping or payroll service to off load work? Questions like this help us to better understand you and your situation. We realize that each client is unique and is best served with a custom plan for them. This phone call also allows us to feel each other out. Do you feel comfortable with us and can you see yourself partnering with Eliseo CPA, PLLC? 

Once we have our phone call, if you are interested in moving forward we prepare an engagement letter that outlines the scope of work and associated fees. We do this so that you have an upfront understanding of costs. At Eliseo CPA, PLLC we do not look to hide fees; rather, we are transparent so that you are aware of what you are paying for and how much it will be. 

Once a client engages our firm, we will dig deeper into the issue at hand. We may request online access to your books or ask for last year’s tax returns. At times, we will schedule a follow up meeting to further discuss questions that you may have and to gather additional information. This entire process is about one thing: ensuring that your needs are our priority and that we address those needs. 

Through the years, our clients come back year after year and quarter after quarter for different accounting and tax services. We believe this to indicate that we treat our clients right, we work hard for them, and that we help them to succeed. Our team of professionals treat each client as if they are our only client. This way of thinking has allowed us to succeed as the leading accountant in Charlotte, North Carolina.   

If you have further questions or are interested in working with our firm, we would encourage you to fill out our contact form, give us a call, or send us an email. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and provide you with top notch and leading accounting services in Charlotte, NC!