The Story

Jared S. Eliseo, CPA is an accounting firm located in Charlotte, NC serving individuals and small businesses throughout the United States.

When Jared started his practice, he knew that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who would truly benefit from CPA services. After a decade of working for large organizations as an auditor, accountant, analyst, and consultant, he realized that his skills would be put to better use in the individual and small business community. In short, Jared opened his firm in order to help his clients succeed.

Jared provides high quality tax and accounting services, customized to accommodate clients’ diverse individual and business needs. He specializes in tax preparation, small business accounting & payroll, financial planning & strategy, and small business advisory services. As a seasoned professional in his field, Jared runs his practice with the utmost respect for the rules. He works in an honest and transparent manner to ensure his clients feel comfortable. When his clients' needs go beyond the extent of his offerings, he refers individuals to reputable third-parties such as banks, investment brokers, financial planners, and lawyers. Jared’s top priority is his client relationships.

Schedule a consultation with Jared and determine whether his services are right for you or your business.

Service Highlights

Small business accounting & payroll
Small business advisory
Tax preparation, compliance & issue resolution
Financial planning & strategy